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Custom Software | Propietary Software

We design and develop business software for multiple productive sectors in a multitude of areas and environments (clinics, workshops, real estate agencies, professionals, …).

Custom Software

We can design and code a system adjusted to your company.

Comprehensive development tailored for those clients who want to have total control over their business. Based on your needs, we create programs tailored to your requirements, expectations and objectives.

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Propietary Software

We work on the development of our own business management software.

Currently, we are immersed in a process of creating our own business management software. A 360º administration program. Complete, versatile, easy to learn and use. Divided into several modules for greater flexibility.

Organize your business in a few clicks!

Modular Design

All our programs are structured in modules to facilitate their use.

The modular design consists of compartmentalizing the functionalities of the system into different blocks or modules, thus allowing greater control over the component parts of the program. The modules are integrated and work as one.

Modules: Billing | Inventory | Accounting | Payroll | Health | Workshop | CRM ...



Multi-user design, with different roles and access permissions to the software.

Creation of multiple user profiles, with various configurations and access capabilities. Permissions restricted by module, group, user, etc. Read-only, write, or erase access.

Control and limit access to information!


Architecture designed to work with one or multiple companies.

The design is structured in such a way that through the software the administration of one or multipe companies is allowed. The information of the companies is stored in independent databases that ensure easy maintenance.

Centralize management for all business!


Reports Customization

Customized reports with the required data or structure.

Print reports with a structure tailored to the needs of the company. Obtain the necessary information in a correct format. Just worry about analyzing the data to grow your business.

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Software develpment process

Easy | Secure | Trustworthy


We examine each process and establish the needs of the project.


We design and develop the software based on the initial requirements.


We test and adjust the system until everything works perfectly.

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