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Project Summary

Construction of the website of the American cloth and clothing bale distribution company Dayma .

Project Details

Customer: Dayma Year: 2021 Categories: Web Design
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Project Development

The client requested the design and development of a simple web page, landing or one page style, with the idea of ​​having a presence on the internet, since until now the company did not have a website. Because the client did not want a very robust and information-filled site, if not something simple but that would collect all the basic data necessary for the business and its services, the one page style is ideal. Design, development and implementation times are significantly shortened and the cost of the project is reduced in the same way.


For the design it was taken into account:

Responsive Design (adaptable to different screen sizes).

Mobile friendly (adapted and optimized for mobile devices).


SEO positioning (Optimized for search engines).

Scalable (Projection and adaptation to future growth).

Integrated WhatsApp (WhatsApp chat integration with the page).


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