Project Summary

Desig3n is a company oriented to the world of marketing, design and digital printing. For this reason, it demands optimum performance in all its equipment.

Project Details

Customer: Desig3n Year: 2019 Categories: Consulting
Tech Support

Project Development

A computer, like all things, must be cared for to prevent problems. There are basically 2 factors that must be taken into account when carrying out maintenance: hardware (physical) and software (the systems and applications installed on it). Aware of the importance of conducting periodic reviews for the control, diagnosis and, if necessary, the correction of problems, Desig3n requested our services.

Basically, 2 important tasks were carried out:

The maintenance and support of the computer equipment used by the company (MAC equipment).

Carrying out a software consulting. The client was looking for programs or applications that would help them develop their design and marketing activities (template design software, emailing, animation, …).