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Project Summary

Design and development of the corporate website for the company Air Services, a specialist in the care and maintenance of air conditioners.

Project Details

Customer: Air Services Panama Year: 2021 Categories: Web Design
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Project Development

The client asked us to create a basic web page, similar to ‘One Page’ or ‘Landing Page’. The idea was to publicize their services and offer an advertising and customer acquisition platform.

Although the initial request was restricted to only a single page, the client made it clear to us that in the near future they wanted to be able to make their website more robust, adding more sections, functionalities and content. It is important in this type of project not only to focus on its immediate requirements, but to design, plan and develop taking into account future needs. This allows for growth in an organized and structured way, always keeping costs under control and allowing a more fluid transition and evolution of the project.

For the design it was taken into account:

Responsive Design (adaptable to different screen sizes).

Mobile friendly (adapted and optimized for mobile devices).


SEO positioning (Optimized for search engines).

Scalable (Projection and adaptation to future growth).

Integrated WhatsApp (WhatsApp chat integration with the page).


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