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Project Summary

Design and development of the corporate website for Panavcorp company, specialized in the design and development of solutions within the naval sector.

Project Details

Customer: Panavcorp Year: 2022 Categories: Web Design
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Project Development

The client requested the creation of his web page, because at that time he did not have one, and due to the international nature that the company wishes to acquire, a web site is a basic need.

Mainly, colors were chosen in shades of blue (light and dark), white and gray. The choice was due both to the need to adapt the page to the corporate image of the company, and to the fact that the color blue is normally associated with a sector such as naval.

For the development, tools, techniques and programming languages ​​in trend were used throughout the last years in web development, achieving an elegant and professional finish.

For the design it was taken into account:

Responsive Design (adaptable to different screen sizes).

Mobile friendly (adapted and optimized for mobile devices).


SEO positioning (Optimized for search engines).

Multilanguage (English | Spanish).


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