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Project Summary

Custom software development for real estate management of properties, commercial agents, clients, etc.

Project Details

Customer: Inmobiliaria San Felipe Year: 2018 Categories: Software


The company had several software tools for daily management of billing, customers, sales, etc. The problem lay in the fact that they did not have a system specifically designed for the administration of farms and properties for sale / rent. Due to this, an important part of the management had to be carried out manually or using Excel sheets or similar supports. This lack of automation of the processes generated important issues in the performance of the company, such as:

Significant decrease in the productivity and effectiveness of sales agents.

Dilation of the times for collecting and processing information.

Lack of centralization of data for inquiries.

Slow generation of reports and statistics (sales, customers, prospects, etc.).

Loss of business opportunities due to not having accessible and reliable information.


The company deemed it necessary to create customized software for property management. Initially, the scope of the project would be restricted only to this area and to all the procedures involved. Subsequently, and once the success and usefulness of the software had been tested once it was put into production, the customer requested the expansion of the system’s functionality, adding a new module for customer management. Currently, the system is divided into 2 fully integrated modules, such as the properties module and the customer module.

In the properties module, all the management related to properties for sale or rent is carried out. The data entry and images of the farms, the data of the sales agents, the owners, the companies developing the projects, … are processed.

The customers module manages all the information related to the company’s clients, but also that of possible prospects looking for properties for sale or for rent.

The system also allows the generation of personalized reports that help the company’s employees to make decisions. It also has a configuration module for managing users, roles, access permissions, alerts and notifications, among other functionalities.


Increased productivity of sales agents.

Reduction of information collection and processing times.

Centralization of data for inquiries.

Generation of reports and statistics (sales, clients, prospects, etc.) easily and quickly.

Reliable database for consulting properties, clients, prospects, business opportunities, …