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Project Summary

Design and implementation of custom software for a Spanish company specialized in providing plumbing and renovation services, as well as in the installation and maintenance of gas, air conditioners, boilers, ...

Project Details

Customer: LangreAstur Year: 2020 Categories: Software


The company currently had several different programs with which to carry out inventory management and control, billing and accounting. Due to the fact that each process was carried out with different software, and therefore there was no integration of them, it had an impact on several problems that needed to be solved:

Lack of uniformity of the data and information collected and processed by the various systems.

Lack of communication between the various programs.

Problems with the accuracy and integrity of data. The inventory suffered a continuous out of balance, the balance and accounts of the clients had to be extracted from several different reports to consolidate them, …

Duplication of work when having to migrate or enter the same information in several programs.

Lack of personalization of the necessary data or the processes executed by the company as they are closed programs that do not allow adaptation to the client’s needs.


To solve all the problems at once, the determination was made to create custom software from scratch. A program capable of centralizing all the functionalities executed in different applications, adapted to the internal processes and procedures of the company, and that collects all the information as the client needs it. The software has several sections that allow the company to inventory management, purchasing, sales, construction management and accounting. All appropriate to the internal requirements used by the company in its daily operations.

The buying, selling, inventory management and accounting processes are fairly standardized processes, so they do not need a very complex or expensive adaptation. Simply, new information fields are added or those that are not used are removed. The screens and process flow are also designed to mimic daily operations. However, the works management module offers very complete and specific functionalities for the generation, handling and storage of technical documentation, used in a sector as specialized as gas installation.


Centralization and uniformity of information.

Process optimization and efficiency improvement.

Productivity increase.

Greater control over inventory, billing, accounting,…

Cost reduction and return on investment in a relatively short period.