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LangreAstur website redesign. The company is dedicated to plumbing services, gas and heating installation, home remodeling, ...

Project Details

Customer: LangreAstur Year: 2020 Categories: Web Design
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Project Development

For this project, the initial website of the company was taken as a reference. Due to the passage of time, it had become obsolete and out of date, so it was necessary to update and refresh. The general structure was respected despite the updates, that is, the page continues to have practically the same sections that it had in the beginning (home, services, projects, promotions, contact, us, etc.).


On the other hand, content re-elaboration was necessary, including texts, images, documents or specific sections within some pages. All this work was due to the fact that there was duplication of information in many places on the page. Better quality images were also selected, closely related to the content of each section of the website. All this endows the whole with a harmony at the same time that it facilitates the user experience when visiting the web.


Finally, if we compare the old website with the new one, we can see that the combination of colors and elements was adapted to achieve integration with the corporate identity of the company, where red, blue and white colors prevail. Despite all these modifications, the site presents a sober, clean design without excesses.


In summary, these are the tasks performed on the site:

Page and sections restructuring.

Content re-elaboration (images, texts, sections).

Design modernization and updating of images.

Corporate image adaptation.

New offers and promotions posting.


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