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Project Summary

Re-design and development of the corporate website for the veterinary clinic and animal care Megavet PTY.

Project Details

Customer: Megavet PTY Year: 2022 Categories: Web Design
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Project Development

The client’s need was to give a new image to their current website. The page was old, out of date. At the same time, its content was not developed, so it was not a useful source of information for users, a complementary tool to the rest of the company’s communication channels. Finally, even though the page had a product catalog, online sales had not been implemented, the products had not been updated, as well as their prices.

The challenges to overcome in this project are several, but we can highlight among the most relevant the following:

Website migration (from the old platform ( OpenCart ) to the new one ( WordPress )).

Content development : services, company history, frequently asked questions, etc.

Commissioning of the online store ( e-commerce integration, catalog update, inventory management, etc. ).

Employees training on managing website’s catalog.


For the design it was taken into account:

Responsive Design (adaptable to different screen sizes).

Mobile friendly (adapted and optimized for mobile devices).


SEO positioning (Optimized for search engines).

Scalable (Projection and adaptation to future growth).

Integrated WhatsApp (WhatsApp chat integration with the page).


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