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Project Summary

Design and development of the corporate website for the company Yazur S.A. , specialized in the distribution of food and veterinary products.

Project Details

Customer: Yazur S.A. Year: 2022 Categories: Web Design
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Project Development

Yazur requested the creation of a web page where its clients could find information about the company, its products and services, contact information, etc. In addition, since it is a company dedicated to the distribution of food and products for pets, it also required that the website have a catalog where customers could consult the items available for sale, their price, availability in stock and, what In addition, online order quotes could be made. In the future, the integration of electronic payment may be required with the idea of ​​having a fully functional e-commerce site.

Among the relevant points to take into account in this project, the following can be highlighted:

The site must have public access sections where you can find information about the company, its products or services, etc.

There should also be a restricted access area for customers where they can access through a credential to visit the store and find items for distribution.

Customers must be able to make quotes and orders through the website, but without completing the payment online. This last step is processed internally in the company and not directly in the online store.


For the design it was taken into account:

Responsive Design (adaptable to different screen sizes).

Mobile friendly (adapted and optimized for mobile devices).


SEO positioning (Optimized for search engines).

Scalable (Projection and adaptation to future growth).

Integrated WhatsApp (WhatsApp chat integration with the page).


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